Sunday, July 24, 2016

DIY Cork Needle Holder using a Picture Frame

Hand sewing is my favorite type of sewing. So it makes total sense for me to want to have my hand sewing needles out, easy to grab and in something cute. This cork needle holder will be a cute place for all your hand sewing needles to live. The corks are hearty, so just from using it with hand sewing needles I won't be putting my beading and more delicate needles into the cork.

I used a thrifted picture frame and corks from my friends. Everyone around me knows to save their corks!

Some corks felt softer and easier to cut. So if you don't have mighty fingers cut a little bit of the cork and you'll be able to feel if it's a softy. Softies were easier to jab my needles into as well.

Picture frame
Cutting tool
Backing board
Glue gun
Pot to boil/steam the corks

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Long Beach Creative Reuse is an Upcycle Shop for Everyone

I had so much fun visiting and chatting with Lisa from The Long Beach Depot for Creative ReUse. She is not only a passionate upcycler, but a wonderful recourse for artists. She loves to connect people and projects. If you are ever in Long Beach, California check out her store. This place is an eco-artist, recyclers'/upcyclers' dream. There are bins of crayons, beads, buttons, embroidery floss. And there are things you didn't know you needed to make something out of- computer bits, sample tiles. All bunched up in this lovely store.

If you want to help the store: Call Lisa! She'll let you know when the store is ready to take more items or what they need. She sorts everything by hand, so drop offs are by appointment only.

I came away with some cool trinkets for future episodes and a cat toy made by one of her featured artists.

A big thank you to Nik from Wasting Thyme for helping out with the shooting and hand modeling.