Sunday, May 29, 2016

How to Shop and Find Vintage Clothes

This is a handy guide for you learn how to quickly spot vintage garments. Victoria is an expert guide and will walk us through 4 easy ways to find our needles in a hay stack.

Clue #1: Shape or silhouette
The shape is the first main clue. Does the garment have a nipped in waist and a big skirt? It could be from the 50s. Does it have boxy shoulders and a bold print? It could be from the 80s.

Clue #2: Closures
If the garment has a metal zipper chances are it's a gem. If it's a side metal zipper, it could be from the 60s or earlier. The 70s saw zippers move to the center back of garments. The only thing that's tricky is if the garment has had it's zipper replaced.

Clue #3: Clothing label
If the garment has a label, then you can sleuth out clues from that as well. Does the garment have a label made of woven fabric? Does it say who designed? Then you could have a garment that is from the 60s and earlier. Does the tag have washing instructions? Then it could be from the late 60s/70s on.

Clue #4: Print and colors
The print of the garment can really help you figure out when a garment was made. If the print is tiny and repeats it's probably from the 40s. In the 50s patterns get bigger and there is an ethnic influence. If you are really into finding vintage prints, do a little research so you can spot cool prints.

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hand Painted Sundae Cups with Rachel from The Crafted Life

Painting sundae cups is super easy! They would make a super fun wedding gift, or add delight to an enchanted tea party. Enamel paint is available at most craft stores, or see if your friends have some. You don't need much paint. Now that I have some, I think I'll see if my friends want to come over to decorate some glass for themselves.

Rachel from The Crafted Life is our super gracious co-host today! She is one of the first people I talked to about Break + Remake outside of my friend group. She was super supportive and helped me see how super do-able my idea was. Thank you so much for being the fairy godmother of Break + Remake Rachel! I realize now how nervous I was during the filming, poor Rachel did get to talk hardly at all. I promise if you are on the show again Rachel, I'll let you talk for reals!

Paint palette: I used the paper that comes inside of hosiery as our quick portable palette
Paint brushes: the kind you would use for acrylic paint
Sundae cups: These were thrifted from 2 different stores, I also got champagne flutes to try too!
Enamel paint: It was a little tricky to find made in the USA paint, but I did!
Rubbing alcohol: Use this to remove finger prints, oils, and goo before painting cups
Rag: for the alcohol

Let me know if you make this project over on the Break + Remake FB group!

I'm on IG as @BreaknRemake

Let me know if there are any upcycled craft projects you want me to try out, comment below!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Long Beach Vintage Flea + HAUL + shopping tips

My lady friends and I took at shopping day at the Long Beach Vintage Market in Long Beach CA. It was so hot that day. This particular vintage flea is great for clothes, shoes, and furniture, especially mid century modern, shabby chic, and industrial.

I'm always on the look out for spice racks, sewing notions and cool textiles. When you have an idea of what you are looking for the flea becomes less overwhelming. It's what I call the Magical Unicorn. Focus on one or two items. And definitely go with buddies, ask what each other's Magical Unicorn is and help each other find it. Take food/hydration breaks, every 2 hours. This may seem like what my sister calls Baby Stuff, but shopping out of doors in the hot sun is Srs Bzns. I forgot my parasol, and burned my legs. Even with 70 SPF. (I'm better suited to the in-of-doors than the out-of-doors) I was running late and forgot to grab sunscreen, but a kind person let me have some on the way to the entrance. I think her name was Susan.

-Know your Magical Unicorn
-Know your friends' Magical Unicorn
-Stay fed and hydrated
-Wear sunscreen and bring a parasol if you are shopping outside

My shopping buddies included Eloisa from Liberita Collective and Megan the costume designer and lover of all things Scottie Dog. (And and camera shy Noriko, who was the sometimes cam-op) Thank you ladies for a fun shopping day!

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