Sunday, October 30, 2016

DIY Vanilla Extract - vanilla beans and alcohol

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This is a super simple DIY for you and all your baking friends, DIY vanilla extract! Who knew it was so easy! I'm going to give some of mine away as gifts. The rum vanilla extract is going into Grandma's Rum Ball recipe. That's the extent of my baking ability. I'm a cooker, not a baker.

During Christmas 2015 I made a gingerbread recipe that looked fine to me on paper, but after I made them I realized they tasted like dog biscuits. Dad, bless him, said he liked them but it was a fib. My sister, who does bake, took a look at the recipe and noticed it called for too much flour. Well maybe this Christmas, with a recipe vetted by my sister, I can make non-dog biscuit gingerbread. Fingers crossed.

9-10 vanilla beans grade B - cut into pieces
2 cups 80 proof alcohol - I used vodka and rum
2 months time

Materials needed:
Booze, plonk, hooch - any cheap alcohol will do
Vanilla beans - grade B, the dry ones
Jar and lid for storing

Cut beans, place in clean jar. Pour 2 cups of alcohol over beans. Shake 1 time a day, store in a cool dry place. Ready to use after 2 months.
DIY Vanilla Extract - 2 ingredients, just vanilla beans and vodka. Great handmade holiday gift
B is for banilla

Sunday, October 16, 2016

DIY Skull Shirt - easy Halloween costume - no sew

Grab yourself a thrifted t-shirt, or one from the bottom of your closet and get cutting for this easy DIY Halloween costume. Or just wear it as we get closer to Halloween. Or just bring it into your everyday wardrobe ;)

A ruler if your are cautious. I am not cautious.

Quick Halloween costume, no sew DIY Skull shirt. Easy! Grab an old shirt you haven't been using, or thrift one and start cutting.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

DIY Tiny Sketchbook and Easy Bookbinding


Make this tiny sketchbook to go with your traveling watercolor tin! This project also has really easy bookbinding tricks, for a simple and cute traveling artist kit.

Watercolor tin
Pencil or pen
Sturdy cover material
Binder clip
Large needles:
Pliers - possibly:
Tiny sketchbook with easy bookbinding instructions