Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mostly Organic White Chocolate Orange Body Butter

Yum! In this episode I'll show you how to make body butter. It's easier than I thought. The only tricky thing is being patient while amazon delivers the harder to find items.

The amazing food blog Hot for Food shared this recipe, and it looked simple. All it calls for is coconut oil, shea and cocoa butters, vitamin E, and orange essential oil (it's usually abbreviated to EO, and that's what I use in the episode).

Orange is what the recipe calls for, however I think you can use anything that smells good with chocolate. The shea has an earthy smell that is eliminated with the cocoa butter and EO.

I kept the little pots my other body butters came in, just gave them a quick wash before refilling them. And I have enough supplies to make this same recipe for the next year.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Upcycled Dog Toy

*With a little help from Jenelle Montilone and her book The Upcycled T-shirt.

Ok cute overload. Stewie, my furry nephew, is my cohost for this episode. We take a look at Jenelle Montilone's book The Upcycled T-shirt. Jenelle does a great job on exploring multiple projects using t-shirts. Which are readily available everywhere and make a source of upcycling fodder. For more projects focused on sustainability and to sign up for her newsletter go here!

One cute dog
Old t-shirt or other raggedy clothes
Fabric cutting tools- I used a rollie-cutter and scissors
Cutting mat - for the rollie-cutter
Clear grid ruler
The book: The Upcycled T-shirt

I used my old pajama pants that had holes. In fact when I held them up I could see perfectly through them. Whoops. Jenelle's book and a viewer request had me making a fun toy for Stewie. He's a total show dog, he was so mellow during the shoot and played to the camera. Such a sweet boy.

And for those of you who know about Zelda, my cat, don't worry I'll make her the cat toy from The Upcycled T-shirt. She's just not as cooperative and would never hold still for the camera like Stewie.

Do you have any sustinable or eco-crafts you want me to try? Let me know in the Break + Remake Facebook group or on Break + Remake's IG. In fact, head over to IG right now (if you are reading this between Sunday April 3rd and Monday April 11th of 2016).

Music composed for Break + Remake by Janet Overfield